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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to Our Online Book Tour for Dark River!

Welcome to what we hope will be a fun and exciting way to discuss Dark River: A Novel of Suspense. Many of you want to share what you like about the book with a larger group of fellow readers who share the same interests.
Say "Hello" to Sharon Stanford, Editor

Sharon Stanford will post one big Question of the Week for discussion, but feel free to ask your own questions as well.


Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit, 1736

“Unknown Negress, October 1736.” Evangeline mouthed these words slowly as she struggled to read the small headstone. She had not come this close to crying in forty years. For Evangeline, this “unknown” woman was the closest thing to a daughter she ever had.

“Everyone knows who you are. Sleep, child, and forget about us all,”
Evangeline muttered prayers and curses in the chilly October air, her labored breathing making icy puffs of air. Her ankles were cold, but she was only concerned about getting to the buggy and back home. Slipping off from the house, Evangeline left a dying Sieur Louis in his room; maybe he would make it through the night, maybe not.

Celeste was gone, and their twilight world was plunged into darkness. It was growing dark. Evangeline did not want to hear that sound again, the sound that comes from the river.

Hearing footsteps in the grass, then a sigh, Evangeline did not bother to turn around with her lantern. The sigh came from everywhere at once. She knew he would come here. Her heart beat faster.

“Go away!” she shouted, crossing herself.

He was back, the sad man who had lost everything.

“Celeste,” he moaned. “Celeste, my love.”

The voice grew more demanding as it chased Evangeline. She made for the road. Choking on a silent scream, the old woman ran the rest of the way. Silas, who had driven her here, was at the ready. Evangeline scrambled into the buggy and they took off down Rue de Ste. Anne at a full gallop. Her hands over her ears, Evangeline felt so sorry for him back there, but she could not help him.

No one could.

Poll #1--Sexy Leading Men

At many of the Dark River discussion groups I've attended, the question always comes up about who readers envision when they think of some of the characters. Unbeknownst to me, Sharon had the same leading man in mind as the image of Michael: Dennis Haysbert, President Palmer on "24" and Jonas on "The Unit."
For Jacques, I thought of Gary Dourdan of "CSI" and Michael Jae-White, a martial arts/sci-fi star. Which men did you think of? Post your comments here, and we'll reveal the results on October 6th.

Gary Dourdan, CSI

Michael Jai-White

Remember that everyone who posts comments are entered each week into a drawing for prizes.

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