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Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Week (9/22)

It's been a great week for Dark River, as it was featured on a live podcast with theG.R.I.T.S., an outstanding group dedicated to showcasing African American literature. The host, Ann Brown, shares my view African American authors have so much more to offer the literary world than gansta lit and erotica. I strongly recommend getting in touch with this national group, which also has a national book club. To listen to my podcast, go to .

Character Profile: Douglas
Douglas is one of the mysterious characters within the novel, as he is a part of Isabelle's past, and wishes to play a role in her future. Douglas is extremely ambitious, having risen from a shameful poverty to become one of early Detroit's "players"--he has a stake in the new riverfront development along the Detroit River, which includes hotels. When Isabelle questions his connections to a shady group of investors, however, Douglas shows her a side she had never seen before. Douglas wants to move up into the world, and he wants Isabelle at his side. But what price will she have to pay?

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