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Saturday, September 15, 2007

This week, let's meet with the powerful men of this story, Michael and Jacques. In the present time of the story, Dr. Michael St. Vincent first meets Isabelle on her first ferry ride to Detroit. To Isabelle, Michael, an American, seems to be a little too observant of her state of mind, that is, her anxiety about coming to Detroit, among other things. Michael does not let on what he does for a living. Isabelle finds herself immediately attracted to Michael. By the time they dock in Detroit, however, Michael's demeanor changes--he's appears angry to be coming to Detroit. Before she can find out anything else about him, he quickly disappears off the boat. She presumes she will never see him again, but Michael will play a significant part in her life later.
Jacques Benesche plays a riveting part in the parallel to Isabelle's story, as he "haunts" Isabelle in the present, even though he seems to be from the past. Isabelle will eventually understand that Jacques believes Isabelle is her great-grandmother Celeste, the love of his life. Jacques was a free man of color from the Seychelles Islands, and was the captain of his own ship. He is kidnapped and sold into slavery by the French. Even though he is in chains, he still considers himself a free man and will do whatever it takes to be free again. Once brought to the Fontaine farm, he encounters Celeste, and both are forever changed. Jacques is willing to give his soul to protect Celeste, and that desire will override everything else.
Sharon's Question of the Week:
Who was your favorite hero, Michael or Jacques?

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